Asset Managers & Fund Sponsors

We are not a third party marketer, nor are we a broker. 

We are simply an advisor for marketing strategy, business development, and communications. 

Selling alternative investments is a specialized skill requiring innovative communications, a deep understanding of the regulatory environment and a sense of industry standard terms and conditions. 

Whether you are launching a new fund management business, creating a new product or expanding into a new sector, we can provide the marketing support and business development tools needed to effectively articulate your story. Most of all managers must be responsible for creating marketing and communications programs that build relationships with investors through ongoing engagement.  Remember:

(1) Investors want to hear about opportunity. 

(2) Investors want to be educated.

(3) Investors want “consistent programmatic excitement.” 

Get visible. Create content. Stay engaged.

Jim Hedges has conceptualized and created scores of alternative investment products.  From ideation to structuring to defining the messaging, educating constituents and raising assets, we have worked on every aspect of the process, and we’ve done it for decades.  Now, we incorporate next-gen communication tools, social media, public relations, CRM and data science, when appropriate.